anti candida diet notes

January 6th, 2016

A few years ago the trend was for people with candida to be advised to avoid all fruit and some sweet vegetables but that is now not deemed necessary. Fruit and vegetables have such powerful cleansing and immune supportive properties that the benefits may out weigh the negative effects. However, some people may need to avoid all fruit for a few weeks if it makes them feel worse.

The trouble with candida is that it can feed on any carbohydrate, so if it doesn’t get it from fruit and vegetables it will get it from grains and pulses. If you avoid all carbohydrates it will adapt and survive on protein. Basically, you can’t starve candida to death because you would starve yourself first.

The key to treating candida is to build up the immune system, Secretory IgA and beneficial bacteria in the gut, sufficiently so that the body is no longer providing an environment in which candida can survive. If the conditions are right for it then it will thrive, if they are not it will wither away.

Of course that said, anyone not wanting to include the fruit initially during the first cycle through the three weeks can exclude it and try adding it in during the second cycle through the plan.

I would also encourage anyone using the plan to take the information and write it out in a grid fashion, i.e. get a large sheet of paper and draw out a grid, the days of the week along the top and breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner down the side. Repeat this 3 times for a 3 week rota. I haven’t done this here because I feel that this is a job for the person embarking on the diet, they will then feel more familiar and empowered with what they are doing.

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