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Find out a little more about our guests and what they do before coming to visit us in store.

calmlakePATRICIA BEATTIE Health & Wellness Product Advisor.

Patricia has over 30 years experience advising on health, wellbeing and conscious living. She gives advice on healthy eating & nutritional support for those with special dietary needs and guidance on food supplementation for general health. As a vegetarian and raw foodist, she has specialist knowledge on the benefits of many popular “superfoods” and can suggest easy ways to introduce them into the everyday diet for maximum health!
Her holistic interests have taken her as far as to India to study Ayurvedic herbal skincare and to the USA, to help develop natural skin, hair and body care products for a successful natural product company. During her time spent stateside, she also qualified as Reflexologist, a Bach Flower Therapist and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner. Since her return to the UK she has worked with a leading herbal medicine brand and is an expert on herbal remedies. Studying never ends and Patricia is currently taking a further course in advanced nutrition.


Véronique Soignot started working in the Health Food industry in 1997. She has 15 year experience working in health food stores, and as a result, has extensive knowledge of many different supplements brands. She qualified as a naturopath from the CNM in London in 2005.

In the last 3 years, she has discovered the incredible potential of superfoods, has done a lot of research on them and more food-based supplements and is passionate about education customers on their amazing power.


Marianna works in central London as a Trainer and In Store Health Adviser for A Vogel. She is also a Practitioner Life Coach with both personal and professional experience in stress management. She has a passion for helping people tap into their inner wisdom and maximise their potential for good health.


After a health crisis in 2009, Tim decided to make some radical changes to his health and lifestyle. Since then he has dedicated his life to educating himself and others about the benefits of conscious nutrition, as well as the healing power of superfoods and medicinal herbs. An established speaker in London, Tim has given talks at Kingston Food Festival, Raw Ecstasy’s Herb Alchemy events and Juice Tonic nutritional seminars. He is regularly featured in Lucuma Magazine. He has also managed the Wild Juicery branch of the Wild Food Cafe, as well as Juice Tonic juice bar in Soho.

One of Tim’s favourite superfoods is cacao, and recognising the healing benefits of this plant, he now leads Sacred Cacao Ceremonies with his partner. Tim loves to bring cacao and other BonPom superfoods, as well as their wisdom and stories, to a wider audience!


Monika is Food For Thought’s representative for Sukin Skincare. She has been working in the health food industry for 2 years. During this time she has gained a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and after more than 10 years of being vegetarian, she is now vegan. Monika is trained to advise on skincare, encouraging people to look at their diet and lifestyle as well as nutritional and skincare products. She is extremely popular with our customers due to her friendly, knowledgeable approach. She is passionate about Sukin products and will help you to choose which range will work best for your skin type. Monika says ‘Healthy skin, healthy YOU!’