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Sleep and the Microbiome

March 22nd, 2023 | Posted in Info

Sleep is a universal need in all animals and is essential for the maintenance and recovery of many body systems, including metabolic, immunological and neuro-behavioural functions (1). Sleep deprivation is increasingly common in modern society due to jet lag, shift work, delayed bedtimes and the 24 hour society. Sleep disturbances are ...

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Meditation and the Microbiome

March 13th, 2023 | Posted in Info

Research in recent years has confirmed that the gut microbiota can influence many aspects of mental and physical health through the microbiota–gut–brain axis. It’s also known that meditation, can positively impact the regulation of an individual’s physical and mental health. Now there is research to show that meditation may influence the ...

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Exercise and the Microbiome

March 6th, 2023 | Posted in Info

The Microbiome ~ It’s Not Just What You Eat The gastrointestinal tract contains trillions of microbes, known as the gut microbiota or microbiome. The balance and diversity of specific families of bacteria support many aspects of health, while other organisms are associated with adverse health outcomes.  When gut bacterial diversity diminishes ...

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Lifestyle Tips for Appetite Control

February 20th, 2023 | Posted in Info

If you’ve read the blog post Dietary Tips for Appetite Control you’ll have discovered what to eat and what not to eat if you don’t want to feel hungry all the time. There are also some lifestyle measures you can introduce to help regulate the body’s appetite mechanisms: Get off your butt - research shows that sitting for long periods ...

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Dietary Tips for Appetite Control

February 13th, 2023 | Posted in Info

Feeling hungry is your body’s way of signalling to you that you need to eat. However, some people feel hungry all the time. If you’ve read the blog post What is Hunger? you’ll know that the precise mechanisms that control appetite and weight are complicated and not yet fully understood. However, if you're feeling hungry too much of the time, ...

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What is Hunger

February 7th, 2023 | Posted in Info

Everyone feels hungry sometimes. It’s a loud signal from the body that it wants you to eat something. Our need for food in order to live is a survival mechanism that is designed to make hunger difficult to ignore. In this month’s blog posts we’ll look at what causes hunger, why we feel hangry and what we can do to stabilise our ...

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How to Eat

January 12th, 2023 | Posted in Info

With increasing research into food, health and weight it’s becoming clear that food is so much more than protein, carbs, fats and calories. And it’s not just what we eat that makes a difference but when we eat and how we eat. A recent study found links between daily eating patterns and mortality risk. The investigators analysed data from ...

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10 Surprising Weight Loss Friends

January 9th, 2023 | Posted in Info

When planning a diet for weight loss we often focus on what we can’t have and feelings of deprivation may spring up before we’ve even begun. However, the cabbage soup diet is a thing of the past. We now know a lot more about how foods affect the body; it’s a lot more complex than the number of calories or the fat content of foods. Here are a ...

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New Year, New Foods

January 5th, 2023 | Posted in Info

Many people use the new year as an opportunity to start afresh. It’s a good time to foster new habits and try new things. Dietary changes are a common feature with motivating factors being improved health, improved appearance, more energy or weight loss. Here are some food ideas to jazz up your new year regime. All are gluten free and vegan so ...

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Have a Happy Healthy Christmas

December 19th, 2022 | Posted in Info

If you’ve read the blog post Ten Tips for Healthy Eating over Christmas you’ll have some ideas for how to eat for enjoyment without sabotaging your health. However, it’s not just over-indulging in food that can have negative effects on health over Christmas. The stress of the cooking, cleaning, organising and hosting can take its toll. The ...

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